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About me Arrr, lads! Raise the black!

Ivailo Borisov Freelance Designer
If I need to describe myself in a single sentence, it would be: innovator, motivator, philosopher, inventor, forward-looker, smooth-tongued speaker and charmer with win-win attitude and proactive approach. Yeah, all that. a bloodthirsty pirate with special flair for aged rum, cigars, space and 20-th century sports cars.

It so happened that I began my creative career right after I finished high school in 1995 but actually it all started couple of years before that, when I got my first PC and had all the time in the world to learn by trial and error. Which is still my favourite way of learning things. I'd rather rush headlong and try out different scenarios, as there is always an easter egg or hidden gem along the way.

My first years as young professional were absolutely explosive and allowed me to go through various fields that added up to my areas of expertise and helped me immensely widen my professional horizons and knowledge right from the start.

We, creatives, are selfish and arrogant bunch. We just love to be praised for what we do. We are show-offs. Most of us carry that distinct art perception of design. They treat [their] design like something sacred. Like something that should be admired from a distance. Like a bloody Mona Lisa.

I however believe design should fulfil a purpose.

And I also do believe form follows function is probably the best principle there is. So I focused around user-centric design that speaks clearly and is easily comprehensible. Design that does not spark controversy. Design that does the job. Because that's what it's all about and that's what I get paid for. And it is up to my skills and knowledge to do what needs to be done but it is also up to my integrity to do it as effectively as possible. So whether it is a logo, web site, promo clip or just about anything, I stand by the end result with my name.

With that said, would you like to get to know me better by reading some stories, or would you rather skip this and see samples of my work? Or maybe just contact me or even check me out on LinkedIn?

Projects that spark certain pride, joy or excitement

Infiniti Bulgaria

Few years back I got commissioned by Infiniti Bulgaria to clone the official Infiniti web site and localize it. I had 30 days. That's all I've been given. Cloning a website developed by leading London agency is not your ordinary web design task in its own right, let alone when you are left for dead with it.

Long story short, I did it. Alone. From scratch. In 30 days. Everything I did was custom tailored, plus adding improvements over the original. By far this is the most challenging project I've ever been tasked with and one of my favourite.

Infiniti Bulgaria

Деца FUN

Деца FUN (Kids FUN) aggregates events for kids in top three major Bulgarian cities - Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. I created a complete identity package, a WordPress based site with a custom theme and functionality you don't typically get out of your WordPress, along with all kinds of supporting social media. It was fun, I loved it.

Деца FUN Деца FUN Деца FUN


Var-bee-tsa is a brand I developed from scratch, along with all the supporting jazz - identity package, product packaging, website. They are a producer of organic honey and bee products, based in a village called Varbitsa, the "bi" in which is pronounced as bee. See the tease?

Packaging was minimal and based on recycled/recyclable materials. Tag was printed in biodegradable ink on handmade recycled paper with live seeds in it. Planting the tag produces plants and fertilizer at the same time.

The brand got awarded the "Best Product Packaging" award two years in a row at the largest bee product fair in Bulgaria.

Var-bee-tsa Var-bee-tsa Var-bee-tsa

Vivique Hair Lounge

Vivique is newly opened beauty salon in Basel, Switzerland. I was commissioned to develop a logo and corporate identity package.



Omniage is yet another brand developed by me from scratch more than 15 years ago and completely revamped twice ever since - logo, corporate identity package, WordPress based website with custom theme, advertising and social media package and 10-th anniversary promo video.


The Disaster

It's not common that I get tasked with designing a book cover. I mean, even my own books were outsourced to third party because my own samples were "too clean". So I thought I'd do an avant-garde cover for this book instead. To get the concept, one should be familiar with the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine, following WWI that completely devastated Bulgaria. The country had to cede huge chunks of its territory and pay reparations in excess of 100 000 000 British Pounds. Events known as the Second National Catastrophe. That's what this book is about and the key to cover concept.

The Disaster

Terras Gauda

A spanish wineyard that holds annual design competition with thousands of participants from all over the world. Here are my shortlisted entries from few years ago.

Terras Gauda

Few others

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